A Safe and Reliable Solution for Wastewater Treatment

Sludge Finder 2 mounted in a panel box
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September 17, 2021 | Case Studies

A Safe and Reliable Solution for Wastewater Treatment

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The City of Florence, New Jersey was in need of a more reliable system for their Municipal Wastewater Plant. The system that they had in place for their Primary Circular Clarifier was frequently out of commission and required unsafe and unsanitary methods to get the system up and running again.

As repair and commission costs continued to rise, The City of Florence needed a reliable and cost-effective solution that could provide proper sludge level readings in the clarifier for the health and safety of all those who work at the cities plant. Using a tool that provides accurate sludge level readings can ensure that settled debris is beingPrimary Clarifier Image evenly pushed out of the clarifier, to alleviate future commissioning issues.

Rob Davis, Northeast Territory Manager at Pulsar Measurement, and Ken Zawacki, Sales Engineer at Applied Analytics, our representative partner in New Jersey, demonstrated the workings of the Sludge Finder 2 Controller and the corresponding Viper Sensor Transducer to show how beneficial the Sludge Finder 2 Mounted in a Panel Boxcombination of these two solutions would be for their system. After a product demonstration with the Plant Supervisor, Dave Lebak, The Florence Township of New Jersey decided to move forward with both solutions after just a one-day trial! Commenting on the project, he said, “I am very pleased with the operation of the Sludge Finder 2 and Viper for our Wastewater Treatment Plant.”

The trial results of the Sludge Finder 2 and Viper Transducer proved that Pulsar Measurement can provide the type of sludge level readings in the clarifier that the City of Florence was expecting to see. Pulsar Measurement was able to offer a safe, reliable, cost-effective solution that reduced the amount of time spent maintaining a wastewater treatment plant. Less time spent on frequent commissioning means a long-term cost-effective investment.

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