Rainwater Drainage Flow Monitoring for a chemical plant in China

January 05, 2022 | Case Studies,Blog

Rainwater drainage flow monitoring for a chemical plant in Changshu, Jiangsu Province, China.

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Globally, businesses in the industrial and chemical industries are facing more pressure to comply with environmental regulations. This was very much the case at a chemical plant in Changshu, located in the Jiangsu Province in China.

What did they need for their application?

Due to the environmental protection system for the measurement of rainwater drainage, the plant must monitor the flow of rainwater discharged from the effluent channel. The open channel is 1.8 m (5.91 ft) wide and 1.9 m (5.91 ft) deep. When there is a lot of rain, the plant needs to collect the rainwater and discharge it into the nearby Yangtze River. As the chemical plant covers such a large area, the drainage is very unstable. There is a lot of rain in the summer period, and the water level of the internal channel may reach 1.3 m – 1.4 m (4.27 ft – 4.59 ft), whereas, in the dry season, there is no rainwater to be collected.

Finding the right flow measurement solution

They helped provide a measurement solution to identify the flow rate of the River Yangtze, a non-contacting solution was adopted. To monitor wide channels, two MicroFlow velocity sensors were chosen, along with a dB ultrasonic transducer to identify the level of the river. All these signals were fed into the Ultimate Controller, where it averages and calculates the two velocity signals from the MicroFlow sensors, and the height of the liquid level is converted into a cross-sectional area.

After calculating all three readings, the instantaneous flow and cumulative flow can be displayed, with options to display the single-day cumulative flow.

The installation has been installed at the chemical plant for several months and far exceeds the application requirements.

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