Ultra 4

Advanced Ultrasonic level, flow, volume, and pump control

The Ultra 4 is a fully functional advanced controller for level, flow, volume, and pump control. MCERTS Class 1 certified, the Ultra 4 offers open channel flow measurement for stormwater overflows and event duration monitoring.

The multifunctional display offers the ability to view trend graphs on-screen and get a glance at how levels have changed over time. When combined with the dB3 with double sun shields, the Ultra 4 achieves MCERTS Class 1 certification, with 0.193% combined accuracy, meaning the system has undergone rigorous testing and has achieved a high standard in every single one. This means that wastewater processes across the world can achieve a common standard on their flow applications, providing real-time data on flow into storm tanks, influent flow, and event duration monitoring.

In addition to the Ultra 4's open channel flow features, the unit offers sophisticated level control, includes built-in volume calculations based on standard tank shapes, and advanced pump control functions.

The Ultra 4 can be programmed either by the built-in keypad (comes as standard on all wall and fascia units), via the SD card slot, or by PC via the RJ11 Serial Interface. All parameters are stored in non-volatile memory and are retained in the event of a power interruption. A second backup copy of all parameters can also be retained in the Ultra 4 memory, in case an alternative set of parameters needs to be stored.

Digital Adaptive Tracking of Echo Movement (DATEM)

The system of the Ultra 4 utilizes the unique DATEM software, a proven digital mapping technique developed especially for the Pulsar Measurement Ultra range of controllers. This gives the system unequaled ability when identifying the true target level in the face of competing echoes from pipes, pumps, or other obstructions. Coupled with the powerful, long-range abilities of the dB transducer range, the Ultra 4 lives up to its reputation as the most reliable level measurement system available.

The unit can be wall or fascia mounted, includes Profibus digital communication options, and the convenience of the onboard Micro SD card allows for extended data logging.

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