PTFM 6.1 Trade-In Program Terms & Conditions

1. Qualifying trade-in meters include any complete, non-PTFM 6.1, portable, transit-time ultrasonic or hybrid ultrasonic flow meter. Proof of existence of the physical product is required to complete a trade-in. A photograph of the equipment you wish to trade-in is required to qualify. After submission of the trade-in program form, Pulsar Measurement will contact you to acquire this photograph and complete the trade-in process.

2. The trade-in meter should be in a functional state, meaning the electronics, cables, and transducers are still functional, and a measurement will be able to be made in a test environment.

3. A reply to the submission of a PTFM 6.1 Trade-In Program Submission Form with a quote from Pulsar Measurement indicates our acceptance of the proposed trade.

4. A qualifying trade-in will be applied as a credit memo to the invoice for a new PTFM 6.1. Upon receipt of the trade-in, Pulsar Measurement will evaluate the meter’s working condition. Pulsar Measurement will provide email confirmation or denial of the trade-in credit within 2 weeks of receipt of the trade-in meter.

5. It is the customer’s responsibility to return the trade-in meter for evaluation. A RMA (Return Material Authorization) number will be provided with the invoice for the new PTFM 6.1 meter. Please ensure this number is clearly applied to the package used to return the trade-in meter so that it is processed promptly and correctly when returned.

6. Please carefully review performance specifications of the PTFM 6.1 before purchase. There is no guarantee by Pulsar Measurement that the PTFM 6.1 specifications will match that of the meter being used for trade-in. The meter returned for trade-in credit cannot be returned to the customer once received by Pulsar Measurement.

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