SandAlert Portable

Isensys SandAlert Portable Sand Monitoring System

Specifically developed for sand monitoring in the oil and gas industry, the iSensys SandAlert monitor is a sand and particle monitor that is ideal wherever you need to keep wells producing efficiently. Sand production for oil and gas operators is an increasing problem and can cause catastrophic damage to well and rig equipment. The SandAlert provides robust, dependable sand monitoring data, so plant operators can be confident they are operating at the highest capacity possible.

Why Measure Sand in Oil?

Solids/sand production in oil and gas wells is a growing problem for oil and gas producers. Over the ages, there is a tendency to produce more solids through reservoir degradation. The challenge is not only to avoid solids/sand production but also to optimize well productivity, as even small quantities of solid particles in the well flow can cause significant pipe or valve damage.

When solids or sand are produced from a reservoir, the production rate is reduced, and maintenance costs go up. It also represents an environmental risk in the disposal of the solids. Produced solids/sand can never be ignored, and any well producing from an unconsolidated reservoir needs to have some sort of sand monitoring system in place, preferably monitoring in real-time.

The iSensys SandAlert monitor is designed to provide plant operators with the data they need on sand/solid production so that site and asset maintenance and management can become predictive and effective. The SandAlert system can measure sand production directly, without external or additional flow measurement.

When used with the PulsarGuard 2001 sand sensor, the unit can be positioned up to 1,000 m (3,280 ft) away from the application. An optional explosion-proof case is available for the SandAlert that converts the system into one that can be fully installed in a Zone 1 hazardous area. The graphical display shows a general overview of current signal information, a real-time sand impact trace graph, and an overview of relay settings.

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