FlowCERT Open Channel Flow Measurement

Open Channel Flow Monitoring

Pulsar Measurement’s FlowCERT provides comprehensive open channel flow measurement with extensive data logging and control functions. It includes a range of pre-programmed flumes and weirs, so setup is quick, simple, and straightforward. The unit is compatible with a range of both contacting and non-contacting sensors and has the flexibility to change with your application.

FlowCERT gives temperature-independent, reliable measurement and logging facilities. The unit includes five alarm/control relays plus 4-20mA output, data logging, and digital input with the ability to accept a velocity sensor input for non-PMD applications.

Area-Velocity Measurement / Open Channel Flow Measurement with No Primary Measuring Device

FlowCERT can be combined with a MicroFlowfor velocity measurement. Or for area-velocity flow measurement, FlowCERT can be used with a MicroFlow and dB Transducer for a non-contacting solution.

Open Channel Flow Measurement with a Primary Measuring Device

When you have an application with a Primary Measuring Device (PMD), FlowCERT can be combined with dB transducers up to a dB15.

Data Logging

Pulsar Measurement’s Data Logger provides wall-mounted Ultra Controllers with data logging functionality. The logger records a wealth of information onto the supplied 32GB Micro SD card enabling you to log a wealth of data for the lifetime of the unit. Log interval is user-selectable and logged files are stored in .csv format which can be used with the most widely used spreadsheet software.

Additionally, the Ultra Software Package is a powerful tool that can be used alongside the data logging board, providing users with the ability to program the FlowCERT data logging facility, download, view, and export stored data. However, the software is an optional product, and is supplied with a USB/RJ11 cable for connecting your PC directly to the FlowCERT unit.

Common applications for the FlowCERT unit include high accuracy flow measurement on flumes and weirs, area-velocity applications, open channels, influent and effluent flow monitoring, and effluent discharge monitoring.

To learn more about the FlowCERT or to find out how the unit is used in the field, head to the Downloads tab below and download our FlowCERT case studies.

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