Sludge blanket level control

Sludge Blanket Level Control

The Sludge Finder 2 provides reliable and continuous sludge blanket level measurement. The two-part system has been purposely designed for sludge blanket level measurement, operating ultrasonically through a liquid. The Sludge Finder 2 uses proven echo processing algorithms to identify the sludge interface level using state-of-the-art technology only found in this unit.

Why Measure Sludge Level?

Sludge blanket level control is a crucial aspect of any process that includes primary settlement tanks, secondary settlement tanks, and tertiary settlement tanks with either stationary or traveling bridges, clarifiers, gravity thickeners, or sequencing batch reactor systems. Sludge blanket level measurement works by measuring the distance between the sludge blanket surface and the water level. Once the sludge has reached the required density, the accompanying controller will then switch on the pumps and pump the sludge through into digesters, ready for the next treatment stage.

Effective sludge blanket level measurement can help treatment plants for industrial processes to generate their own electricity, ensure that pumps are being used efficiently, make sure that excess sludge is not being pumped into our local water sources, aid with compliance to health, safety, and environmental regulations, and finally ensures that further sludge handling processes such as thickeners and dewatering equipment are all performing to their maximum with the correct concentration of sludge.

The Sludge Finder 2

Sludge Finder 2 is designed to be maintenance-free. Sludge Finder’s Viper transducer is a single beam ultrasonic unit immersed just below the liquid surface. A wiper blade sweeps the transducer face, ensuring that it remains clean. Additionally, the Sludge Finder 2 features 4-20mA outputs for each channel, with an optional RS485 connection using Modbus or Profibus communications. Six control relays are included and are assignable to any channel. An optional Radio Telemetry System may be fitted with a 500 m (1,640 ft) line of sight range.

The Sludge Finder 2 will operate with one or two transducers. You can mix and match Sludge Transducers and Pulsar Measurement’s main dB Ultrasonic Transducer range to give astonishing versatility.

For more information on the two-part Sludge Finder 2 and Viper transducer system, visit the Download section to find all the product information and case studies.

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