Portable Transit Time Flow Meter

PTFM 6.1 Portable Transit-Time Flow Meter

Whether you need flow measurement when you didn’t have it before, or you need to prove that your existing system is performing properly, the PTFM 6.1 Portable Transit Time Flow Meter is here to help by providing accurate, non-invasive flow measurement in the most challenging industrial environments and applications, with minimal installation complexity and cost.

With new and more powerful signal processing hardware, rugged IP67 design, and three interchangeable, non-invasive transducer sizes optimized for a wide range of pipe sizes and materials, the PTFM 6.1 is the right choice for your on-the-go or long-term flow measurement applications.

Intuitive and Powerful

Setup is simple - it only takes a couple of minutes to configure the PTFM 6.1 with your application parameters, install the transducers without interrupting your process, and begin measuring flow.

They say great things come in threes. With three transducer sets optimized for a wide range of pipe sizes and materials, even more powerful signal processing hardware, standard factory calibration, and intuitive on-screen diagnostics provides maximum confidence in the accuracy and reliability of your measurements. Mount the ultrasonic transducers on the outside of metal or plastic pipes including carbon steel, stainless steel, ductile iron, cast iron, PVC, PVDF, fiberglass, copper, brass, aluminum, and pipes with bonded liners including epoxy, rubber, and Teflon.

Up to the Challenge

No two applications are the same, so you need a product that can handle them all. With our rugged IP67 design, powerful signal processing, easily interchangeable transducers, and intuitive user interface with a built-in data logger, the PTFM 6.1 is ready for the variety of challenging installation environments and applications you come across.

Ready for the Future

Designed to reduce waste, and ready for the uncertain requirements of the future, the integrated USB-C port allows the PTFM 6.1 to seamlessly expand its input and output capability without having to replace the whole meter. Whatever your future flow measurement needs are, we'll be ready to support you with the easiest upgrade path.

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