PDFM 6.1 Portable Ultrasonic Non-invasive pipe flow Measurement

Portable Doppler, Non Invasive Pipe Flow

The PDFM 6.1 Portable Doppler Flow Meter provides fast, accurate, non-invasive flow measurement for the most challenging industrial environments and mediums. No other clamp-on flow meter is easier to install or operate. Whether you need flow measurement when you didn't have it before, or you need to prove that your existing system is performing properly, the PDFM 6.1 Portable Doppler Flow Meter is here to simplify the challenging.

With more advanced signal processing, a low-power mode for extended flow logging applications, and a rugged IP67 extruded aluminum enclosure, the PDFM 6.1 is the right choice for your next immediate or long-term flow measurement application for fluids with solids and undissolved gases present, like raw sewage, aerated water, viscous liquids, slurries, and abrasives. No downtime is required.

Friendliest Meter for the Unfriendliest Applications

The PDFM 6.1 comes equipped with everything you need to install it in just a couple of minutes. There's no need to configure pipe material, wall thickness, liner configuration, or fluid characteristics before setting up. Simply clamp the single ultrasonic sensor to the pipe, set the inside pipe diameter in the easy-to-use programming menu, and the meter will immediately report flow when solids or undissolved gasses are present and moving. 

The Right Technology

Where clamp-on transit-time or contacting flow technologies struggle to measure or need increased maintenance because of the presence of solids or gas in the medium, the PDFM 6.1 and its clamp-on Doppler technology don't. By measuring the frequency shift of ultrasonic echoes reflecting off the solids or gas from outside the pipe, the meter can determine the velocity without contacting the medium. The flow rate of any fluid can be measured as long as there are solids or air bubbles present. This means the PDFM 6.1 is perfect for the most challenging applications like municipal and industrial wastewater, sludge, produced water, slurries, viscous liquids, pulp stock, and abrasives.

Robust Design for Rugged Environments

The extruded aluminum enclosure with protective covers guard the PDFM 6.1 against damage from falls or impacts that can occur when using the meter in real-world applications. The meter is ready for use outside thanks to IP67-rated connectors and a bright LCD display which makes seeing the screen easy even in the brightest environments. Deploy the meter with confidence knowing it's ready to handle whatever your application can throw at it. 

Each PDFM 6.1 Portable Doppler Flow Meter comes in a rugged PELICAN(TM) case, along with a clamp-on sensor, and stainless-steel mounting kit. Use it for projects where a permanent flow meter is not required, to temporarily replace installed meters that have failed, or to verify output on an existing meter.

Low-Power Mode to Extend Battery

The PDFM 6.1's sleep mode extends battery life for long-term data logging at locations where power is not available. By automatically going to a low power state and then "waking up" to take a measurement at the user-defined interval, battery life is greatly extended.

Advanced Signal Processing

The PDFM 6.1 features advanced signal processing, capable of filtering out background noise and interference, as well as improving accuracy and repeatability in the most challenging Doppler flow applications like extremely dense slurries. With new on-screen signal capture capabilities, it has never been easier ro fine-tune to your specific application.

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