Level and Flow Measurement for the Oil and Gas Industry

What is the oil and gas industry?

The oil and gas industry is a complex and delicate industry with a multitude of level and flow measurement points throughout the entire process. The oil and gas industry presents its own challenges in so much as there are harsh, toxic, and hazardous substances flowing through the process every day. Over time, these substances can cause damage to plant equipment and various contacting instrumentation through erosion. In addition, the oil and gas industry works hard to prevent spills, and any waste from the site must be treated or transported to a wastewater treatment plant for treatment. Sand production in the oil and gas industry is a significant issue, due to the erosion and damage to plant equipment that is caused by sand in oil, this can cost oil and gas manufacturers thousands of dollars to replace damaged pipelines.

Why is it important to have process measurement?

Effective flow and level measurement in the oil and gas industry can help save thousands of dollars in process costs, maintenance costs, and process efficiency. Things like mud level, mud pipe flow, sand detection, and sand holding pools, upstream and downstream oil and gas production, tank level monitoring, fracking liquid, and solid flow, pig detection, retention ponds, liquid level, and flow and chemical injection monitoring can all contribute towards the running of the site.

How can Pulsar Measurement help?

Pulsar Measurement offer level and flow instrumentation that can be adapted to meet the needs of the oil and gas industry. Transducers come in various options from PVDF to foam face to give extra protection against harsh substances. Remote and automatic monitoring of levels can save oil and gas engineers time and money when compared to manual processes. Non-contacting pipe flow monitoring means instrumentation is strapped to the outside of pipes, meaning there is no contact with the measurement substance, eliminating the need for maintenance and enabling processes to be run smoothly and efficiently.

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Mud Level

Mud Pipe Flow

Upstream & Downstream Oil and Gas Production

Oil Tank Level Monitoring

Fracking liquid and solid flow

Retention Pond

Liquid Level and Flow

Chemical Injection

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