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Case Studies

AVFM 6.1

Irrigation water flow measurement.

AVFM 6.1

Quarry dewatering with AVFM 6.1

AVFM 6.1

Non-contacting flow solution for heap leach mining.

AVFM 6.1

Wastewater flow monitoring

AVFM 6.1

AVFM 6.1 provides area velocity readings for textile industry in Viet Nam

AVFM 6.1

AVFM 6.1 Outlet Pipe Monitoring

AVFM 6.1

AVFM 6.1 provides flow measurement for prawn farming project.

AVFM 6.1

Open Channel Flow Measurement for Phu My 3 Industrial Wastewater Treatment Plant.

BlackBox 130

Blackbox provides Combined Sewer Overflow monitoring for Slovenia

BlackBox 130

BlackBox 130 sucessfully measures stone in a difficult dusty environment.

Blackbox 130

Blackbox provides height alarm for hydraulic excavator.

Copper Mine Open Channel Flow

Open Channel Flow Measurement at a copper mine in China

dB Transducer

dB10 and UltraLite for Oil Waste Bins in Steel Factory

dB Transducer dB15

dB15 Transducer provides accurate level measurement for clay pits

dB Transducer dB3

dB3 Transducer helps with block chute detection at a quarry.

dB Transducer dB6

A dB6 Transducers proves it's resilience against H2S gas.

dB Transducer Range dB10

dB10 Transducer provides level measurement and pump protection.

dB Transducer Range dB25

dB25 provides accurate level measurement for feed silos.

dB Transducers

Watercorp, Western Australia has selected and standardized Pulsar Ultrasonic units to upgrade existing wet well level installations and for new panel builds.

dB Transducers

dB Transducers replace dated float level measurement system at an alkaline sump pit.


dB10 PTFE Transducer provides level measurement for oil storage tank.

dB10 Transducer

dB10 with a PTFE face helps provide accurate level measurement for sump pit in galvanized steel industry.

dB10 Transducer

dB10 provides level measurement for Hydrochloric Acid tanks.

dB3 Transducer & Ultra 4

dB3 measures the level of stone in stone crusher at Croft Quarry.


dB50 Provides accurate and reliable level measurement for fumed silica.


Efficient control and inventory management for Dover Docks

dB6 Transducer

dB6 Transducer provides accurate level measurement for chemical mixing tank.

dB6 Transducer

dB6 Transducer provides level measurement for Scum Collector.


River Mersey, flood alleviation.


The dBi HART provides accurate level measurement for the Evesham Municipal Utilities Authority.


the dBi HART is the ideal level measurement solution for wastewater duplex pump stations in Skaneateles, New York.


Sewer network monitoring for Taipei City.

dBi HART & SignalFire RANGER

The dBi6 with HART and SignalFire's RANGER help monitor stream levels for resident safety.


dBi10 Sump Level Measurement

dBi10 & IMP

dBi10 helps provide low power monitoring for Japan's Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, Transport and Tourism.


Low power monitoring for floods and droughts


Succesful open channel flow measurement for Jurong's Water Reclamation Plant.

DFM 6.1

Slurry flow from outside the pipe with DFM 6.1

DFM 6.1

Non-contacting solution for plugged off flow meters in the oil patch.

DFM 6.1

Non-contacting sand slurry flow monitoring from outside the pipe.

DFM 6.1

DFM 6.1 measures flow in open channels and partially filled culverts.

DFM 6.1

Doppler flow meter provides successful results for a wastewater treatment plant.

DFM 6.1

DFM proves accurate and reliable for the dredging industry.

DFM 6.1

DFM 61 measures cement slurry in jet grouting process.

DFM 6.1 & Ultra 4

Influent and Effluent monitoring at Cat Lo Fishing Port

Dual Channel Monitoring

UltraTWIN and dB Transducers provide accurate measurement for shaft tank and downstream sewer.


VIETCIS helps thermal power plant of Formosa Ha Tinh Steel Corporation (FHS) monitor the inlet water flow.


Red Star Instruments, Taiwan provide non-contacting open channel flow measurement


Nexteng Enviro Private Limited helps a power plant gain flow measurement readings with an open channel flow measurement solution.


Techno Bangla Engineering Ltd, Bangladesh, helps the textile industry achieve open channel flow measurement.


FlowPulse was able to restore flow monitoring to a pump station quickly, without the need for expensive in-line flow monitoring.


IMP successfully measures influent screening tanks.


IMP provides level measurement at local airports water reservoir


The MantaRay provides the all-important influent flow readings to ensure the plant is working to its full capacity.


The MantaRay Area-Velocity Flow Meter provides an Inflow and Infiltration solution in Wyoming Valley.


Flow measurement for a small quarry stream


Accurate and Reliable Non-Contacting Open Channel Flow Measurement for Sewage Treatment Works in Hong Kong.

OCF 6.1

Open channel flow monitors retired after 16 years of continued service.

OCF 6.1

Pump control and level alarms for 12 Flags Highway Service Center.

Open Channel Flow Measurement

MicroFlow and FlowCERT on the River of Life Project, Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia.

PDFM 5.1

Sand slurry measurement with PDFM 5.1

PSL, OCF and LIT25

End-to-end solutions for wastewater treatment plant

PTFM 6.1

Transit-time flow measurement on a Ductile Iron pipe at a Virginia wastewater treatment plant.

PTFM 6.1

Transit-time flow measurement from Pulsar Measurement accurately measures flow where other flow meters have failed at an aquarium.

PTFM 6.1

The PTFM 6.1 successfully measures flow in farming and irrigation applications.

Pump Station Monitoring

Pump Station Flow Monitoring Using FlowPulse at Thames Water Case Study

Quantum 3 and FlowPulse

Quantum 3 and FlowPulse Case Study

RAS Flow

Why use DFM 6.1 to measure RAS Flow?

Sludge Finder 2

Sludge Finder 2 aids Thames Water UK with compliance and operational improvements.

Sludge Finder 2

Sludge Finder 2 provides optimum sludge thickness.

Sludge Finder 2

Sludge Finder 2 helps wastewater treatment plant generate electricity.

Sludge Finder 2

A safe and reliable solution for Wastewater Treatment

Sludge Finder 2

Sludge level measurement in high-efficiency sedimentation tank.

Sludge Finder 2

Settled sludge is accurately measured for the city of Mirabel, Quebec's wastewater treatment plant.

Sludge Finder 2

Sludge Finder 2 enables automation for wastewater clarifiers at a pig farm in Asia.

Sludge Finder 2

SF2 provides automation for wastewater clarifiers in pig farming application in Asia.

Stingray, PDFM, DFM

Portable flow meters solve flow rate discrepancies between pump station effluent and lagoon influent flow meters.


TTFM & DFM provide accurate flow solutions at a wastewater treatment plant.

TTFM 6.1

Summerheights Golf Links Ontario, get efficient control over water pumped to sprinkler system

TTFM 6.1

The town of Browns Valley, California improves flow measurement accuracy to local farmers with the TTFM 6.1.

TTFM 6.1

TTFM 6.1 units measure water flow at a chiller plant for a shopping center in Putrajaya, Malaysia.

TTFM 6.1

Flow Measurement in the Food and Beverage Industry

TTFM 6.1 and DFM 6.1

Providing Graniterock with non-contacting flow measurement for clean water and flow from their thickener plant.

Ultimate Controller

Rainwater draining, flow monitoring for a chemical plant in Changshu, Jiangsu Province, China.

Ultimate Controller & dB6

Wessex Water approach Pulsar Measurement for an EDM solution.


Single measurement solution case study

Ultra 4 & dB3 with Double Sun Shields

Techno Bangla Engineering Ltd provides a non-contacting flow measurement solution to the pharmaceutical industry.

Ultra 5

Echo confidence for Severn Trent Water at Derby Sewage Treatment Works.

Ultra 5

Process control for a chemical production plant.

Ultra 5

NHS Oil Tank Case Study

Ultra 5 & dB50 Transducer

Ultrasonic Success with Super-light Fumed Silica Measurement

Ultra 5 & dB6 transducers

Accurate tank level measurement of residential reservoirs in Vancouver, Canada with the Ultra 5 controller and dB6 transducers.

Ultra 5 & dBMACH3

Providing accurate flow and level measurement for effluent UV flume.


HMG Paints Case Study

UltraTWIN & dB15 Transducers

UltraTWIN controllers and dB15 Transducers provide water level measurement for marine drydock ship repair.

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