Modbus Level Sensor

Ultrasonic Intelligent Transducers with Modbus

The dBi Modbus (dBi-M) series of level sensors are the ultimate, low-power, ultrasonic level sensors that benefit from Modbus communication. This series of level sensors features Pulsar Measurement’s world-leading DATEM echo processing power for accurate and reliable level measurement in the most challenging applications, with a suitable measurement range of 125 mm to 15 m (4.9 in to 49.2 ft).

Why Modbus?

Modbus is often used to connect a plant/system supervisory computer with a remote terminal unit in supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems. The Modbus protocol uses character serial communication lines, ethernet, or the internet protocol suite as a transport layer. The protocol supports communication from multiple devices connected to the same cable or ethernet network.

Suitable for Low Power and Remote Applications

The dBi-M is ready for the most challenging remote applications. The IP68 design enables the unit to be fully submerged, perfect for applications where flooding or surcharging can occur. The ultra-low power consumption of the dBi-M will give you the longest deployment time possible, providing data insights for extended periods of time while reducing the need to maintain your data collection system. The dBi-M is a greener solution to remote network monitoring and discharge point monitoring.

Designed to fit low-power and low-overhead needs for remote installations, users can multi-drop up to 120 dBi-M level sensors with just a single controller. The open protocol allows the dBi-M to connect to any Modbus-enabled device, saving thousands on installation costs and labor.

The Modbus Series of Transducers are available in a range of different formats, designed to be able to meet the needs of your application. Units are available with flanged or front-thread connections for mounting flexibility, PTFE coating for corrosive applications, fitted with a foam face for solids applications, and submergence shields to prevent the face of the transducer from becoming dirty in applications where submergence is common.

Help the environment with dBi-M

Pulsar Measurement has partnered with One Tree Planted, who are a non-profit organization helping to battle global deforestation. For every dBi-M unit sold Pulsar Measurement is committing to planting one tree alongside One Tree Planted. So you can help the environment, while also getting the solution for your measurement needs!

Use the downloads tab below to learn more about the dBi-M non-contacting ultrasonic level sensor.

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