Monitoring stream levels for resident safety in Denville, New Jersey

July 20, 2022 | Case Studies

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The Township of Denville, New Jersey needed to find a level measurement solution for monitoring the water levels of local streams and dams.

Finding a level measurement solution for resident safety. 

With Denville experiencing more flooding in the area, the Office of Emergency Management (OEM) and the Department of Public Works decided to be proactive when monitoring local water levels. 

As the town is widespread, they needed to find a level measurement solution that not only provided them with accurate and reliable results, but also allowed them to remotely monitor the water levels at various locations. At the time, the only way the teams were able to review the water level was from a large measuring board with level marks.

Understanding that they needed to find a better solution for their residents, the two local departments reached out to their local municipal Pulsar Measurement representative, Miller Energy, to find the right solution.

Remotely measuring local water levels with a dBi and SignalFire RANGER.

Miller Energy knew that the township needed to remotely monitor their level and that having these measurements easily accessible was ideal. Whatever solution they recommended also needed to have the ability to alarm once the water level reached 6 feet. If the solution could alert the team on their phones that this level was reached, it would provide enough time to communicate with residents on how they should stay safe. With these specifications in mind, Miller Energy recommended Pulsar Measurement’s dBi HART and a telemetry system from SignalFire, the RANGER.

Why use these solutions for the level application?

The dBi HART sensor and SignalFire RANGER are a great pair for remote water level monitoring. The SignalFire RANGER will provide power for the dBi allowing it to measure the water level and the RANGER will also report a high-level alarm if the water level reaches the 6-foot critical mark.

It was suggested that the city use the dBi HART sensor for the application, and the best location for installation was 6 inches away from a major bridge structure in the town. The Digital Adaptive Tracking of Echo Movement technology (DATEM) embedded in the dBi allows the system to focus on the water level and ignore any obstructions that could be coming from the bridge.

The SignalFire RANGER cellular wireless telemetry system is a cost-effective, reliable, and easy way to deliver sensor data where you need it. Once the RANGER transmitter is connected to your sensor, your system is powered and ready to deliver data directly to the cloud, where you can easily access it from your laptop, PC, or mobile device and start realizing the potential of insight.

Success with two level measurement solutions

The pairing of the dBi and SignalFire RANGER is the first multiple remote level package that Denville is installing on their waterways, and they were able to set it up at the point they needed and have the alarms set to 6 feet for the safety of their residents. 

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