REFLECT™ provides Level Measurement for Animal Feed Silos

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November 02, 2023 | Case Studies,Blog

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REFLECT™ Provides Accurate Level Measurement for Animal Feed Silos

TH True Milk Company is a milk and dairy manufacturer based in Vietnam. It is South East Asia's largest dairy farm and has over 70,000 heads of cattle. Each cow contributes approviamstely 10,000 liters of milk annually, which when compared to other parts of the world is extremely high.

One of the secreats to the success of TH True Milk Company is the fact that they have invested in their own feed mill which enables them to change the feed formula in less than two hours, and begin to feed a different mix of feed to the cows rather than sticking to the commercial formulas from external suppliers.

Volume Measurement is Key to Efficiency

TH True Milk Company was looking to add volume measurement in their 12 feed silos so they knew how much feed was in the tanks at any one time. They were previously using a contacting level switch which was giving them high and low level warnings, allowing them to control the loading and unloading of feed. However, as level switches are contacting devices with the measurement medium, they quite often require routine maintenance and often needed removing from the silo for cleaning.

Local Pulsar Measurement partner Ametech went to the site to perform a trial with the 2 REFLECT™ 2-Wire Radar. Once the sensor was installed, it recieved a good signal from the measurement medium, although there was some noise being picked up from ladders that were inside the silo. However, thanks to Pulsar Measurement's industry leading DATEM software algorithms, the sesnor was able to hone-in on the true level of the silo while ignroing the obstructions, allowng for accurate and reliable volume measurement

Thanks to Pulsar Measurement's latest product innovation, all parameters for the REFLECT™ were able to be configured locally though the web-app on a mobile device, and the tank shapes and dimensions were inputted to calculate the volume of material inside the silo.

Unique and Secure Bluetooth and Web-Based App

The REFLECT™ uses a web-based app to give an easy and convenient way for end users to change parameters, access trend reports, and view echo traces. The web-based app is accessible through any device (PC, Android, or iOS). Once the control app has loaded on your device, you won't need to worry about the signal. Using a web-based app also means that there are no regular updates to install - just scan the QR code and you're ready to go!

Bluetooth is built into the REFLECT™ as standard, but for added security and confidence that only authorized users can access the device its range is user definable. Users can easily set the maximum signal range of each REFLECT™ to be up to 40m (131.2 ft), depending on the size of your facility.

Solid Level Measurement for a Solids Application

The REFLECT™ performed brilliantly, and TH True Company is now trialling even more REFLECT™ sensors on the remainder of their feed silos. Even in these dustry environments, the REFLECT™ sensor receives an excellent signal and produces accurate level and volume measurement, while still being easy to use and simple to install.

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