Pulsar Measurement Shortlisted for Instrumentation Excellence Awards

June 21, 2023 | Blog,Company News,Events,News.

Pulsar Measurement are pleased to announce that they have been shortlisted for 2 awards at this year’s Instrumentation Excellence Awards. These awards celebrate the very best professionals, products, projects and companies from across the test, measurement, sensing and control sectors. The 2023 ceremony will take place on Thursday 19th October 2023 at the Grand Connaught Rooms Covent Garden.

Excellence in Innovation

This award recognizes a company that has shown innovation and has made a significant impact on the market. The REFLECT™ 2-wire radar sensor has been nominated for this award, with its unique quad-color sensor, designed to make installation for the end user the simplest it’s ever been, its unique Bluetooth capability with a user-definable range that makes security less of a worry for our customers, DATEM technology and many more unique features.

Andrew Foo, R&D Director and his Research and Development Team absolutely deserve this award for bringing something truly innovative and unique to the UK water industry. REFLECT™ is the ONLY sensor on the market to feature a quad-color sensor, with three different modes. Measurement mode gives the end user an early indication of signal strength, with red meaning no signal strength, amber is medium signal strength, and green is good signal strength. Not only does that add unique functionality and confidence in the accuracy, but the installation mode function means that installation for the end-user is quick and simple. Use of these three colors during installation gives the end-user a guide as to whether or not the sensor is straight, allowing users to be fully confident in the quality of their installation and the measurement accuracy. The REFLECT™ sensor is truly one of a kind and it’s all thanks to Andrew Food and his Research and Development Team here at Pulsar Measurement.

To find out more about this product, and why it really is the definition of Excellence in Innovation, visit the product page.

Best Marketing Campaign

From full-scale campaigns to individual promotions, the Best Marketing Campaign category recognizes the excellence of organizations in their effort to market products or their company. The “See The Light” campaign put together by our Marketing team during the launch of REFLECT™ was truly a unique campaign never before seen in the industry. The buildup, engaging colors, events and marketing collateral that was prepared for the launch is testament to the truly great product that was introduced to the market.

This campaign not only followed a strategic best-in class approach to a new product launch, but also helped bring to market a brand new sensor with unique capabilities never before seen in the UK Water Industry. Through engaging content, sign-ups, and clear and concise messaging – the Marketing team at Pulsar Measurement were able to directly bring to market a unique product, featuring its own calibration technology that helps engineers on the ground and in the field to make installing sensors quickly and accurately using our patented BReez™ adapter. While typical marketing campaigns in the UK Water Industry follow boring, drab, and old techniques, this team decided to go out of the box, creating video content, email content, sign up sheets, direct mailers, all with exciting colors designed to capture and hold the attention of readers. With video content like something out of a movie premiere, it captivated its audience and truly gave an emotive connection to instrumentation. In an industry that’s hard to glamourize, this team achieved world-class glitz and glamour with a clear theme, clear messaging and unique call outs.

REFLECT™ 2-Wire Radar Video

REFLECT™ Product Page

How to Vote

If you would like to support the business in casting your vote for these awards, you can follow the below link, click (2) Business Awards across the top and scroll down to our categories. You’ll then be able to choose your selection and hit submit!

Vote 2023 | Instrumentation Excellence Awards (instrumentationawards.co.uk)

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