FarSight - Unbeatable Performance in Unstable Conditions

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November 01, 2023 | Product & Technical Updates,Blog,Company News,News

Pulsar Measurement are pleased to announce the launch of our new FarSight velocity sensor.

At Pulsar Measurement, we are continually investing in Research and Development and improving our products based on customer feedback. Traditionally with non-contacting velocity measurement, readings can often be disturbed by wind or rain making the measurements inaccurate.

FarSight has been specifically designed with challenging weather conditions in mind, and to thoroughly test its capabilities, we left it installed in the field for over 12-months to see how much data we could capture and to ensure we could measure its performance in all extremes of weather.

During the tropical storms that hit the UK in February of 2022, FarSight performed beyond anyone’s expectations and gave us repeatable and accurate results, with no loss of measurement throughout the entire period. At its peak, the velocity of the river reached 2.5 m/s, compared to 0.6 m/s in normal conditions.

FarSight has been designed to provide the highest confidence in challenging velocity applications with the fewest number of sensors. The wide beam angle of FarSight means that for river level monitoring, where you would typically need multiple sensors for an accurate velocity reading on a wide river or channel, you now only need one.

With its lower cost compared to other non-contact velocity sensors, not only is FarSight designed to minimize capital costs upon purchase, but it also reduces the life cost of the sensor thanks it its robustness and no moving parts. It is designed to withstand tough weather conditions and tough applications with few measurement points needed. This brand-new product follows our traditional “fit and forget” mindset, with it being easy to install and deploy due to its own built-in tilt sensor that compensates for the angle of installation and removes the need to mount at exactly 45° to the measurement surface.

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