Level control

Level control with BlackBox 130

Level control in big silos or tanks can sometimes be difficult to achieve and involve a lot of health and safety risks. Getting accurate and reliable level control has never been so simple. The Blackbox 130 controller from Pulsar Measurement is a compact, low-cost intelligent level control unit that offers non-contacting level measurement. Use it in any application where you need a quick, simple, and easy indication of levels.

The integrated keypad and display mean that you have complete flexibility in your control application, providing a local display for those applications that require a local indication.

dB Ultrasonic and dBR Radar Compatibility

Blackbox units are compatible with the complete range of dB and dBR level sensors, giving a range extending from 125 mm to 40 m (4.9 to 131.2 ft), on solids, powders, or liquids. The unit benefits from DATEM (Digital Adaptive Tracking of Echo Movement) digital echo processing, providing unrivaled performance, particularly on difficult applications.

Calibration and Installation

Blackbox units can be set up using Pulsar Measurement’s Blackbox PC Software and an optional interface cable, which links the Blackbox RJ11 RS232 port to the PC’s serial or USB port. The interface cable is common for all standard Blackbox units and is removed after programming, so only a single cable is required for multiple Blackbox controllers.

Additionally, Blackbox units can be set up using a handheld programming unit. Simple to operate and with a visual display of parameters entered, the handheld programmer can be used for any number of controllers.

The Blackbox 130 controller is ideal for industrial applications such as silo level measurement and stock or inventory control. The Blackbox 130 enables your process to operate smoothly and efficiently with high and low-level alarms. It is available as a wall mount unit, with an integral keypad that allows users to locally program the unit, giving an instant level reading. The 4-20mA output and two alarm or control relays make integration with existing site systems quick, simple, and easy.

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