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Case Studies

A dB6 Ultrasonic Level Transducer proves its resilience against corrosive H2S gas.

At a Terminal Pumping Station in the UK, nmcn plc was tasked with repairing the internal concrete structure of the existing wet well along with replacing all of the support steelwork and bracketry that had been damaged by years of exposure to H2S gas.

Echo confidence for Severn Trent at Derby STW

Pulsar supplied non-contacting ultrasonic level measurement equipment into the main transfer pumping station at Severn Trent Derby STW, in an application where other manufacturers had failed.

Engineered Efficiency successfully implements process control at chemical production plant

Our Pulsar distributor for Australia, Engineered Efficiency, were asked to design and construct a system for neutralising and storing waste water from a process control laboratory at a chemical production plant prior to disposal.

Flowmeter troubleshooting at the Township of North Glengarry

An Ontario municipality deploys Portable flowmeters to solve flow rate discrepancies between sewage pump station effluent and lagoon influent flowmeters

Irrigation water flow measurement with Greyline AVFM area-velocity flow meter

Case Study: Irrigation water flow measurement at the United Irrigation District.

Monitor dredging slurry flow from outside the pipe

Cornerstone Industries of Otley, Iowa provide automation controls for the dredging industry. To improve dredge operation efficiency they searched for suitable flow measurement technologies and identified the Greyline DFM 5.1 Doppler Flow Meter as an ideal instrument to monitor slurry velocity.

NMCN PLC Shaft Tank

15 properties in Kirk Hallam, Derbyshire prone to flooding, prompts the upsizing and general sewer network improvements from Severn Trent Water.

Non-contacting solution for plugged off flow meters in the oil patch

For years Petrobakken Energy Ltd. used inline turbine flow meters to track the flow rate of oil recycled to treaters. The line had to be shut down at least once a day and the turbine flowmeters disassembled for cleaning. This was troublesome and expensive. Petrobakken knew there had to be a better way.

Open channel flow monitors retired after 16 years continuous service

Plant influent is monitored at the Long Sault WWTP through two 6" Parshall flumes. Intrinsically Safe ultrasonic sensors are installed above the flumes and Greyline OCF electronics enclosures are mounted in the plant control room.

Pulsar Provides a Perfect Open Channel Measurement for a Malaysian Master Plan.

The large scale River of Life project based on Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, has as part of its objectives to reduce the number of small treatment plants, concentrating wastewater treatment in a smaller number of modern, high quality operations.

Pulsar’s Flow Pulse offers low-cost non-invasive flow monitoring for Southern Water

By using Pulsar’s non-invasive Flow Pulse system, Southern Water was able to restore flow monitoring to the station quickly and without the need for new expensive in-line flow monitoring.

Pump control & level alarms

The Greyline SLT32 handled pump control and level alarms for 12 Flags Highway Service Center. Pulsar now offers the Greyline OCF 6.1 Open Channel Flow & Tank Level Meter in place of the SLT32.

Sand slurry flow monitoring

CanFrac Sands Ltd. of Lloydminster Saskatchewan (Canada) needed a flowmeter that could accurately measure sand slurry flow without being damaged by this highly abrasive product. They selected the Greyline DFM Doppler Flow Meter with a clamp-on ultrasonic sensor mounted on the outside of a pipe

Sludge Finder 2 provides continuous sludge interface monitoring at Thames Water

Thames Water’s improvement project included the installation of eight Pulsar Sludge Finder 2 continuous sludge interface monitoring systems to help with compliance and operational improvements.

Watercorp, Western Australia, standardize on Pulsar Ultrasonics

Pulsar is pleased to announce that Watercorp, Western Australia has selected and standardized Pulsar Ultrasonic units to upgrade existing wet well level installations and for new panel builds in their region.

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