Ultra 4 Achieves its MCERTS Status

Ultra 4 and dB3 with double sunshield MCERTS approved
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March 17, 2021 | Product & Technical Updates

As part of our new Asset Management Period (AMP) in the UK Water Industry, it is now a requirement to monitor any spills going into a storm tank – regularly referred to throughout the UK Water Industry as UMON3. Part of this requirement is to ensure that all data is recorded to a specific standard so that water utilities are confident in the reliability of their flow readings.

MCERTS provides a framework of standards for the safe and reliable monitoring of liquid flow and is widely used throughout the UK Water Industry to ensure that water bodies are working towards the same standards, to protect our sewage networks and local environments.

MCERTS has been based on international standards and provides for the product certification of instruments, the competency of personnel, and the accreditation of laboratories. The performance standards for MCERTS are based on relevant sections of a number of international ISO or CEN standards, as well as taking into account other national standards.

MCERTS for flowmeters:

  • Makes available a certification scheme that is formally recognized within England and Wales and is acceptable internationally.
  • Gives confidence to regulatory authorities that instrumentation, once certified, is fit for purpose and capable of producing results of the required quality and reliability.
  • Gives confidence to users that the instrumentation selected is robust and conforms to performance standards that are accepted by UK regulatory authorities.
  • Supports the supply of accurate and reliable data to the public
  • Provides instrument manufacturing companies with an independent authoritative endorsement of their products, which will facilitate their access to international markets and increase the take-up on their products in the UK.

Pulsar Measurement is pleased to announce that the Ultra 4 has achieved MCERTS Class 1 Certification in flow measurement when combined with the dB3 transducer and double sun shields.

As part of the rigorous testing that all products wanting to achieve MCERTS undergo, the Ultra 4 and dB3 with double sun shields performed exceptionally and was tested on the following attributes:

  • Protection against inadvertent or unauthorized access to control and calibration functions
  • Indicating devices and/or an analog or digital output signal
  • User-definable parameters and the ability to enter discharge curves
  • Repeatable measurements
  • Sufficient voltage tests
  • Ambient air temperature and relative humidity and its reaction to direct solar radiation
  • Accuracy of computation
  • The unit’s response time and up-time
  • Maintenance

And many more extended and comprehensive tests to prove the product’s performance.

The Ultra 4 is the newest addition to the Pulsar Measurement Ultra family of controllers and is the first controller with an onboard localized display with trend analysis that enables the user to get a glance at process trends over time. The unit is protected by a password which the user can change upon set up and follows a simple easy to use menu-led setup system, making installation of the unit quick, easy, and simple and allows for application parameters to be set effortlessly. The measurement units can be configured to the user’s local unit, including metric and imperial, to make data clear and fathomable for the user.

The on-screen trend analysis and view of echo profiles featured in the Ultra 4 unit give the user a quick and clear indication of trends over a period of time – which can be defined in the setup stage. The controller features a non-volatile memory and comes with an 8GB SD memory card as standard to allow for enhanced data logging and ensures that even if the site loses power, none of the historical data is lost.

There are inbuilt flow calculations for up to 20 different structures, including a V-Notch weir and Parshall Flume with two alternative options for the end-user to enter up to 32 pairs of head-to-flow breakpoints.

The response time of the unit can be as little as one second if required, with adjustable filter parameters to allow for a faster or slower response depending on what is required for the application.

There are various communication options for the Ultra 4, including HART, Profibus, and Modbus RTU which helps communication in existing site systems without expense or hassle.

The sophistication and advanced features of this new and improved unit allow water companies across the UK to comply with the new directive in a small, compact, and easy-to-use controller, enabling it to be a small but crucial building block in a much bigger development. The non-contacting nature of the Ultra 4 and ultrasonic technology means there is little to NO maintenance required for this system and helps make life easy for utility companies across the nation.

The featured transducer, the dB3 with double sun shields, is specifically designed for open channel flow applications. One of the critical conditions of ultrasonic measurement is the measurement distance, therefore, its short measurement range (3 m (9 ft)) and maximized accuracy at zero blanking meet this requirement. The double sun shields of the dB3 help to protect the transducer from solar radiation and combats ambient temperature changes that could ultimately affect the flow and level readings.

Pulsar Measurement has a long and experienced history with MCERTS,  offering 2 products that have already achieved this status. These are the FlowCERT with DUET twin transducer and the FlowCERT Lite with dB3 and double sun shields. If you’d like to view our MCERTS certificates please visit our Downloads page where you’ll find certificates for all Pulsar devices achieving the MCERT standard.

We would like to thank the WRc for working closely with us to get this product fit for purpose and are pleased to add the Ultra 4 and dB3 with double sun shields to our MCERTS list. 

To view the certificate for the Ultra 4 and dB3 with double sun shield, Click Here

For more information on the Ultra 4 controller, Click Here

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