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June 10, 2022 | Case Studies,Blog

TTFM and DFM Provide Accurate Flow Solutions at a Wastewater Treatment Plant in the UK

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A large UK water company based in the South of England required a non-invasive flow measurement for two important processes at a wastewater plant. One application was the measure flow measurement of processed water, and the second was the raw dirty water from the main inlet pumping station to the works. Some of the pipes used in the wastewater treatment plant were large in diameter and were concrete lined.

The cost of installing contacting flow measurement devices on these larger concrete-lined pipes can be prohibitive and could cause a lot of disruption as engineers at the wastewater treatment plant will need to look at getting flows diverted. Not always easy when dealingTTFM Sensors on a Pipe with a live processing plant.

Flow Measurement for Filter Process Water

The filter process wastewater at the site is the wastewater that has been through the treatment process and has most of the particles removed and is ready for safe distribution back into the local environment.

The treatment plant was looking to gain flow measurement on a concrete-lined 600 mm pipe. Knowing that the liquid being measured at this part of the treatment stage would be cleaned and filtered, Marc Richards, Senior Support Engineer at Pulsar Measurement, suggested using the TTFM 6.1 Transit-Time Flow Meter with the more powerful large pipe SE16C sensors.

Flow Measurement for Raw Untreated Water

DFM Sensor on a PipeMarc’s job wasn’t over once we had provided a solution to the filtered wastewater. The water company still needed to gain flow measurement on the raw influent pipeline that flowed into the treatment works from the main pumping station.

The raw untreated wastewater flowed through a concrete pipeline 350 mm in diameter at a different location but on the same site. Because the wastewater in this pipe is untreated, it’s likely to have suspended solids and air present which could make it difficult for the transit-time technology to obtain a reliable reading. Luckily, the Pulsar Measurement portfolio offers a wide range of technologies, so Marc Richards was able to suggest a solution, the DFM 6.1 Doppler Flow Meter.

Both flow meters performed well in their respective applications and are a fantastic example of how Pulsar Measurement has a technology to suit every application. To find out more about our portfolio of products, visit the Product Page.

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