Tommy the Traveling TTFM Proves His Success at Borehole Site

Tommy at a borehole site
September 15, 2020 | Case Studies

Tommy the Traveling TTFM was out and about again last week – this time he was in the hands of our Product and Technical Support Manager Rhys Griffiths.

Rhys took Tommy to a borehole site that also does treatment, and in addition, also takes water from two other nearby boreholes. This site had been having electrical issues and the contractors were under pressure to Tommy the TTFM measuring pipe flowget this site finished. They had a sneaky feeling that the existing mag flow meters were giving suspect readings and wanted to try something else to get up and running.

Tommy to the rescue!

Tommy saw this application as no trouble at all, as you can see once Rhys had mounted the sensors on the outside of the pipe – not interrupting flow or site operations, Tommy was able to give a strong reliable reading. This application is a clean water application, which is where Tommy’s Transit Time technology really stands out, measuring the time it takes for an ultrasonic signal transmitted from one transducer to cross the pipe and be received by the second transducer – hence why the application must NOT contain a significant concentration of bubbles or solids.

However, for those applications that do contain bubbles or solids, that’s where Tommy will call on his friends Daisy the DFM and Freddie the FlowPulse as these guys use Doppler Image of the TTFM display and site readingstechnology, where the sound is reflected back to the sensor from the solids or bubbles within the liquid.

Overall, Tommy had ANOTHER successful day out with Rhys and the customer has asked for a quote to be sent over.

If you think you’ve got an application that could give Tommy and his friends a run for their money, contact the office or your respective account manager to arrange a day trial!

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