Tommy the Traveling TTFM has Success On His First Trial

Tommy the TTFM in Marc's Car
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September 15, 2020 | Case Studies

This week Pulsar Measurement has some visitors from across the Atlantic, Tommy the Traveling TTFM Flow Meter arrived all the way from Long Sault in Canada with his friends Daisy the DFM, Freddie the FlowPulse, and Freddie’s brother, Harry the HandHeld.

Tommy the TTFM 6.1 being built in Long Sault

We followed Tommy right from the beginning of his life when he was being manufactured over at our Long Sault facility, right through his long-haul flight from Canada (face mask Tommy after his long-haul flight from Canadaincluded!), and all the way to Malvern HQ.

Over several weeks, Tommy will be traveling all over the UK with his friends for day trials on different flow applications. Each one of our family of flow meters offers different technologies and results depending on the application.

Tommy’s first visit was to an application where the customer wanted to measure cooling water, the water was approximately 35-40 degrees and in plastic pipes. The water contained traces of SO2 and the customer needed to know how much water was flowing through the pipes, as currently, they have no real way of knowing this information. Plus… It’s always handy to have an instrument that can alarm when the flow gets too low, potentially preventing a mass of problems.

In charge of this visit, making sure that Tommy and his friends didn’t cause too much mischief was Marc Richards, Test and Technical Support Engineer based out of Malvern HQ. First on the case was Fred the FlowPulse, accompanied by his brother, Harry the HandHeld controller to see if they could correctly measure the flow of this particular application. Unfortunately, despite some changes in parameters to try and help the duo, they were unsuccessful in retrieving any flow information.

Our shining superstar Tommy couldn’t wait to get involved and was itching to have a go at trying to receive a flow reading. So, Fred and Harry stepped down to see if Tommy could really step up his game. Marc entered all of the application details into Tommy’s control face and made sure that his sensors were mounted correctly, and Tommy started to receive flow information!! All was not over though, Marc had to make sure that these readings were accurate and repeatable, despite the mild vibrations on the application, Tommy stuck to his guns and the reading never faltered and all the logs were saved after several minutes; a reading of 67m3/hr was recorded which the customer was happy with.

After Tommy’s successful turn, he decided to let Daisy the DFM have a go – Daisy also features the same kind of technology that Freddie and Harry do. Although Daisy did manage to obtain SOME flow readings, there were a lot of dropouts and despite efforts to adjust settings, the result was the same. Marc concluded that this type of technology was the reason these 3 couldn’t obtain accurate readings as Doppler technology requires particles/bubbles/solids in the measurement substance to be able to obtain accurate readings and on this application, they just weren’t there.

TTFM sensors on a pipeThe customer then requested that Tommy was placed back on the application so that they could open a valve and increase the flow through the pipe, Tommy monitored the change perfectly and kept a steady continuous reading the whole time. The customer was very happy with the stable results that Tommy had displayed and at the end of the trial, asked Marc to send him a quote for a system that he’d be able to use himself.

What a great start for Tommy, we can’t way to see what the awesome foursome will get up to next!

To arrange a visit to your site from Tommy and his friends, please contact the Malvern HQ directly, or your respective account manager.

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