Tommy the Traveling TTFM Proves His Reliability at an Olive Oil Production Plant

Olive oil production
October 23, 2020 | Case Studies,Blog

While the gang have been out and about on their travels these last couple of weeks, we have seen a lot of success for Daisy the DFM, she has proven herself time and time again on various different applications ranging from wastewater borehole sites, to paper mills and process control.

However, this trip was to an Olive Oil manufacturing plant in Middlesex and the customer required flow measurement on both clean and dirty water applications.

Freddie the FlowPulse had already beaten the other two to the job as he was already installed there, however he was not performing all that well and kept losing signal on some of the applications, as the customer’s process had changed slightly.

The first pipe that Marc Richards, our Test and Technical Support Engineer, tried was the clean water application, the pipe was a PVC pipe which was 60 mm OD. The flow readings from the previously installed FlowPulse were not correct, probably because of the cleaner product flowing through the pipe. As by now, we all know that doppler products require particles and bubbles flowing through the liquid that their frequency is reflected off.TTFM on clean water pipe

As the pipe on this application was quite small, Marc decided to switch Tommy’s sensors before starting to his smaller SE16A sensors, specially designed for smaller pipes. The customer did a brief and very rough estimation on what the flow rate should be – and by adjusting the speed of the pump and monitoring its frequency change (Hz), the engineer had made different calculations to view the flow rates at different speeds.

Accurate reading from TTFMThe first speed Tommy and Marc tried was 30Hz and was calculated to give a flow reading of approximately 4.7 l/s. As you can see from Tommy’s display, he was reading 4.66 l/s which the end user was more than happy with!

Marc and the plant engineer then increased the speed to 45Hz and was calculated to give an approximate flow rate of 6.4 l/s. As you can see, Tommy absolutely nailed it again and gave a reading of 6.34 l/s. They tried a few more different speeds, and, on each increase, Tommy stuck to his guns and managed to stay within 0.2 l/s of the predicted flow rate. So overall, the customer was extremely happy with these results.

All was not over though as there was a second application that required a flow reading. This part of the process has a dirtier material flowing through a 50 mm OD PVC pipe. Again, Freddie the FlowPulse was already installed on this pipe, and he was reading ok, but there were intermittent readings when the flow/velocity within the pipe was low.

So, first up was Tommy to have a turn – Marc decided to leave his small pipe sensors on, as this pipe was even smaller than the one they did before!Dirty water olive oil application

Again, thanks to Freddie the FlowPulse, the end user already had a bit of an idea on what the flow rate should be through the pipe. So, Marc entered the correct parameters and connected Tommy’s small pipe sensors to the pipe and the correct flow reading was seen straight away, with the speed of sound expected and measured looking exceptionally good.

Speed of sound reading TTFMThe end user wanted to open the valve to allow more material to flow through the pipe – with the expected flow rate to be around 1.85 l/s. Tommy absolutely smashed it out of the park again with a flow rate reading of 1.86 l/s.

Tommy the TTFM was the star of the show this week, as he was able to obtain perfect measurements on both clean and dirty water/material flowing through the pipes. The customer was impressed with Tommy and his performance and are now looking to place an order for 2 systems! What a result!

We can’t wait to see where Tommy will end up next – stay tuned!

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