Tommy the TTFM, along with Daisy the DFM, measure effluent

Daisy the DFM measuring post-filtrated effluent
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December 16, 2020 | Product & Technical Updates,Case Studies

Tommy has been out and about again over recent weeks – getting as many applications in as he can before we all break for the Christmas period.

This time he went to a Sewage Treatment Works in the South East of England. The end-user needed flow readings for two similar applications, on pre and post-filtrated effluent so that there could be an evaluation of the process itself. This would enable insight into possible future enhancements to the site, as a result of continuous flow monitoring. As there was no previous technology in place, it was a perfect opportunity for Tommy to get up on stage and strut his stuff.

Tommy the Traveling TTFMFirst up was a 600 mm diameter concrete-lined pipe on pre-filtrated effluent, this time Rhys Griffiths our Product and Technical Support Manager was holding the reigns. Rhys decided that he would use Tommy’s SE16C-sensors with a one crossing, measuring the time it takes for the ultrasonic signal transmitted from one transducer to cross the pipe and be received by a second transducer.

Success! Tommy managed to pick up a strong reliable signal and provide the end-user with the required results!

Sewage SnailsNext up was the post-filtration application. This application was for a smaller pipe, 450 mm diameter concrete-lined pipe with post-filtration effluent running through. This application is quite unique, and the end-user was suffering from some visitors…. ‘sewage snails!’ Who would have thought!? Continued improvement in process treatment technologies has created perfect little habitats for these little guys, just look how many are removed!

Daisy the DFM 6.1Due to the snails within the process, it meant that the effluent wasn’t completely clean – so Rhys knew that Tommy would struggle with this application, as Transit Time technology works best with clean water. So… this time, it was Daisy the DFM’s time to shine!

Again…Success!! Daisy managed to get a strong, reliable reading and the customer was pleased with both performances from Daisy and Tommy. So much so, that they are now looking at pushing approval through to get these bits of kit ordered!

If you would like to organize a flow trial for one of your sites, please contact us at Malvern Head Office, or contact your respective Sales Manager.

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