Finding a flow measurement solution for sewer grid monitoring in Wyoming Valley

July 20, 2022 | Case Studies,Applications

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Finding an inflow and infiltration solution. 

At WVSA, they needed a flow measurement solution that could measure inflow and infiltration (I&I) in their sewer system. 

When the WVSA team was searching for a solution, they reached out to different companies to perform flow model studies. They had reached out to different companies but found that the increasing cost of using those outside companies meant this was no longer a viable option. 

These mounting costs encouraged them to seek guidance from another company, Pulsar Measurement. When they reached out to Pulsar Measurement, they spoke to support team members who suggested that they consider using our MantaRay.

Why did they choose the MantaRay?

Pulsar Measurement’s MantaRay is a portable area velocity flow meter that can be used for flow surveys in partially-full, full, and surcharged sewer pipes. The single submersible sensor with no moving parts mounts to the bottom of the pipe or channel, and the meter is easily configured for the end user’s needs by entering the channel shape and size on the user-friendly keypad interface. The MantaRay has a built-in 2-million-point data logger that gives the date and time-stamped flow values from 10-second to 60-minute intervals. This data can also be captured when the sleep mode function is activated. 

In the case of WVSA’s application for measuring I&I, when the Pulsar Measurement support team suggested the MantaRay, they also suggested using the corresponding pipe bands for mounting the QZO2L sensors in the sewer. The pipe bands were installed at various points in the sewer system with the MantaRay to sample flow. This complied data was helping to determine areas of concern where the pipe might be cracked or deteriorated, allowing for groundwater infiltration into the sewer system, and did so successfully! 

Success with an ultrasonic flow measurement solution.

After the WVSA team ran the working model for a few weeks, it solidified that the Pulsar Measurement MantaRay with Pipe Bands was the right solution for their application. After helping WVSA find the MantaRay, a representative from the Pulsar Measurement Support team said, “What a great way to create a sewer model without breaking the budget”. The WVSA team was not only pleased with the cost-effective solution, but they were also happy to have worked with our Support team.

The results provided by the MantaRay that they meters and multiple pipe bands for their sewer modeling and are looking to purchase dam bands for the low flow applications in their sewer system.

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