Non-contacting level measurement for oil waste bins

April 05, 2022 | Case Studies,Blog

Microcems Asia provides level measurement solutions for Oil Waste Bins

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At a steel plant in Asia, they needed an accurate and reliable level measurement at a waste basin at their steel sheet factory. The waste basin was part of the on-site wastewater treatment process and was used for collecting wastewater as it flowed through the process.

Traditionally, staff at the steel factory were using a tape measure to measure the level, which required them to come in direct contact with the wastewater. This is a huge health risk as the wastewater mainly contains suspended solids and often dissolved substances and chemicals. Additionally, this leaves room for human error in the measurement readings and meant that the factory was getting inaccurate results. The steel factory was looking for a complete non-contacting level measurement solution to eliminate the need for staff to have direct contact with the wastewater.

Ultrasonic Technology Proves Itself

The steel factory contacted Microcems Asia, a local Pulsar Measurement Partner for help. After looking at the application, engineers at Microcems decided that the dB10 and Ultra Lite controller would be a perfect solution.

Thanks to the accuracy of DATEM Technology, the dB10 can focus in on the true echo, ignoring all other competing echoes, such as the basin walls, ladders, pumps, or pump chains. This means that the steel factory is getting accurate and reliable level measurement each time, DATEM technology also helps protect the ultrasonic reading from temperature changes or from any other vapors that are given off by the wastewater.

Engineers at Microcems Asia knew that the Ultra Lite was the perfect choice for robust, reliable, and in-depth control. With its five assignable relays and straightforward prompt-led Ultra Wizard menu system to measure level, it provided the steel factory staff with a localized level display that helped to eliminate the health risks of manual measurement techniques.

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