Non-contacting volume measurement with radar level sensors

Pulsar Measurement Ultra 4 Controller
May 11, 2021 | Product & Technical Updates

Rhys Griffiths demonstrates how to set up non-contacting volume measurement with the Ultra 4 controller and dBR radar level sensors.

Pulsar Measurement is pleased to introduce the first in our series of How-To videos. Rhys Griffiths, our technical and product support manager demonstrates how to program our Ultra 4 controller and dBR radar level sensors to achieve accurate and reliable volume measurement readings through a plastic IBC Tank.

The Ultra 4 controller features the ability to view trend graphs on-screen and get a glance at how levels are changing over time. The unit offers end users sophisticated level control, including built-in volume calculations based on standard tank shapes and advanced pump control functions.

In the video, the Ultra 4 controller is combined with the dBR8 radar level sensor from Pulsar Measurement and Rhys demonstrates just how easy it is to achieve accurate volume measurement through the top of a typical IBC tank. Intermediate Bulk Containers (IBC’s) are normally used for storing and transporting bulk liquids and powders, usually found in the chemical or industrial markets.

Using the Ultra 4 controller and dBR8 radar level sensor, Rhys shows us how to program the Ultra 4 using the quick setup menu and how to account for the reading from the top of the tank. Energy emitted from the radar level sensor is able to see through the top of the tank and is reflected back to the controller from the water surface. Meaning that there is no need to break into the top of the tank or come into contact with the measurement substance, perfect for chemical and industrial markets where there is often hazardous material in these tanks.

For more information on the Ultra 4 controller, click here.

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