Accurate Level Measurement for Alkaline Sump Pit

February 16, 2022 | Case Studies,Blog

Microcems Aisa helps provide accurate level measurement for alkaline sump pit.

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The steel industry plays a crucial part in our everyday lives and is called a basic material for human civilization. Globally, steel is used in a great amount to support growing economies and national development, and galvanizing steel is a crucial part of the production process. 
level measurement on an alkaline mixing tank

What is Galvanized Steel?

Galvanizing is the process by which clean steel is immersed into molten zinc to obtain a coating that is metallurgically bonded to it. This process provides long-term corrosion protection, as well as many additional benefits. 

Galvanized steel is all around us, in a whole variety of industries including road, rail, energy plants, oil and gas, agriculture, water and waste, and sports and leisure. It can play an important role in buildings, bridges, facades, signal gantries, gates, balconies, and even sculptures. 

Before the process of galvanizing steel begins, it is crucial to ensure that the surface of the steel is free of grease, dirt, and scale. These types of contamination are removed by a variety of processes and common practice is to degrease first using an alkaline solution. 

Level Measurement Made Simple

A steel galvanizing company located in Asia was having trouble with getting accurate and reliable level measurements in their alkaline sump pit. The site had previously installed a float switch, which would switch an alarm on as the level of the sump pit rose beyond specified levels. However, float switches are known to run into issues when there are suspended solids in the measurement medium. These were throwing up measurement errors and causing problems in the efficiency of the operation, so the end-user reached out to Microcems Asia, one of Pulsar Measurement's partners in Thailand for help. 

After the initial consultation, Microcems decided that a non-contacting solution would be best placed for this application. The benefit to the end-user was that they did not have to shut down the operation for installation and there was no maintenance for the level sensor. A dB6 transducer and Ultra Lite controller were chosen, with the dB6 using ultrasonic technology to measure the level of the Alkaline mixing tank, and the Ultra Lite use for localized level readings and pump control. 

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