Maintaining Accurate Water Levels for Residential Reservoirs

November 04, 2021 | Case Studies,Blog

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Metro Vancouver is the largest utility company in British Columbia, Canada, and provides utility services to over 2.5 million people in the province. 

What did they need? 

For this division of Metro Vancouver, they required a solution that could measure the water levels of two elevated reservoirs. It is especially important to know the water levels at times of high demand for water usage, which is early in the morning and days that are very or cold. Each tank holds over 2.5 million gallons of water and is refilled overnight to ensure there is enough water supply for each resident.  

Finding the right level measurement solution 

The Clayton and Jericho Reservoirs required a level measurement solution that could accurately measure level from on top of the tank. It was also important that the solution was capable of being monitored at a location away from the tanks, which are in an elevated position. 

Why the dB6 transducer & Ultra 5 controller? 

Pulsar Measurement has a range of dB transducers, and the one that was most favorable for this application was the dB6 transducer. The dB6 has a measurement range of 300 mm to 6 m (11.8 in to 19.7 ft) and an effective beam angle of 3-degrees thanks to our DATEM signal processing. This was ideal for measuring the 2.5 million gallon tank.

The Ultra 5 controller was the ideal controller for the dB6 in this level application. This unit comes pre-programmed with shape conversions for a wide range of tank shapes, making it quick, simple and easy to set up. It also has five control relays to ensure proper configuration for accurate level measurement. 

Success with an ultrasonic level measurement solution

Pulsar Measurement proved that non-contacting, accurate, level measurement can be accomplished with the dB6 transducer and Ultra 5 Controller. We pride ourselves on our longstanding relationships with our customers. Our product portfolio offers a wider range of ultrasonic level and flow meters, and can provide solutions for a variety of applications. 

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