Intelligent Ultrasonic Level Sensors Work Where Others Fail

evesham municipal level installtion
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October 08, 2021 | Case Studies,Blog

Intelligent Ultrasonic Level Sensors Work Where Others Fail

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At the Evesham Municipal Utilities Authority (MUA) in Marlton, New Jersey, they were running into level measurement problems at a few of their pump/ lift stations and how they were feeding to the local treatment plants and needed to resolve this situation quickly. 

Having functioning pump stations is critical to any city or town as they play an important part in wastewater treatment. During this process, pump stations collect the waste and help to pump wastewater back to the treatment facility when gravity can’t get there. As pump stations usually collect wastewater from multiple locations, the system waits until the wastewater reaches a certain level before pumping the waste further in the collection system back to the treatment facility. With that, having an accurate level sensor is important so that the pump station can continue to operate effectively. To ensure the Evesham MUA had the right level sensors in place for their application, they reached out to Pulsar Measurement.  

Pulsar Measurement offers many different level sensors, including both ultrasonic and radar technology. For this application, it was decided that the dBi HART Intelligent Transducer range would be the most suitable. These sensors are self-contained and offer an optional submergence shield, with DATEM Technology which prevents false alarms caused by wrong level measurements in cluttered pump stations.  

The dBi HART Transducers worked where other sensors have failed as they have continued to operate for the team at the Evesham MUA since its initial installation. Our local New Jersey representative Ken Zawacki with Applied Analytics, who help with the sale of the dBi HART heard great things from the team at Evesham MUA, “The current units have been performing very well in all-weather, which was one of our concerns.”  

The dBi HART transducers are the ideal long-term, level measurement solution for your wastewater applications. To learn more about our intelligent dBi HART level sensors, visit our dBi HART page

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