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March 16, 2021 | Applications

There are not many parts of the world that have not been affected by the COVID-19 outbreak. With many industries coming to a complete halt, the focus for the Quarrying and Mining Industry worldwide is to focus and rebuild, by getting furloughed employees back to work and operating as normal.

It is believed that the UK demand alone, for aggregates and other manufactured mineral products, will be healthy once the current COVID-19 pandemic storm subsides. The latest government news could be sooner than we first thought with the vaccine being our number one safety blanket.

Every mining and quarrying application is different and configuring solutions to be tailored to suit the right application is crucial for the smooth running and profitability of operations. As we all dust ourselves off from the impact of COVID-19, many industries including the mining and quarrying industry will be focused on the safety of staff and recouping losses incurred over the last 18 months.

At the heart of all policy and procedure changes has been the safety and wellbeing of staff. Including social distancing and remote working where possible. Having reliable instrumentation that reduces the need for site personnel to be present, and eliminates the need to send staff into risky, hazardous locations are essential parts of these policy and procedure transformations. Instrumentation that can be programmed and viewed remotely will be an increasing part of the quarrying and mining industry over the recovery period, enabling the process to continue running as efficiently as possible, but reducing the need for manual labor to be always present.

Inventory monitoring, reduced process downtime, and increased efficiency of processes are also fundamental parts of recouping losses. Having an accurate and reliable indication and control over inventory and process levels enables the transportation of material at the most efficient point for the process. Strong, robust, and reliable instrumentation that enables engineers to plan and prepare for process maintenance and downtime allows for productivity and essentially profitability to be maximized. Flow instrumentation can also be a vital element to ensuring the transportation of materials at the most efficient point and gives engineers and quarry managers an early indication that something might be wrong within the process, enabling downtime and maintenance to be scheduled.

On top of the challenges that COVID-19 brought the aggregate industry, there are also the existing challenges still to contend with, including the growing demand and decline of natural resources. Reinforcing the need for reliable monitoring and control for that ever-important increased productivity and efficiency.

Increased environmental regulations and energy costs mean that not only is level and flow monitoring and control an important component for the quarrying process, it means data logging and transparency are also imperative. Aggregate and mining industries across the world are increasingly being pressured, by local environmental authorities to provide proof of sustainability and environmental commitments. Extensive data logging and the capacity to provide transparency on failures, site waste, and energy efficiency monitoring provide the aggregate and mining industry with just the tools to keep them compliant and sustainable.

Pulsar Measurement is pleased to provide an end-to-end product portfolio of flow and level instrumentation and control systems that provide easy integration with existing site or SCADA systems. Our control systems benefit from industry-standard communication protocols and allow for remote monitoring and data logging, enhancing the process efficiency and profitability for the aggregate and quarrying industry worldwide.

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