Improving Irrigation in Browns Valley, California

Browns Valley, California
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September 30, 2021 | Case Studies

Improving Irrigation in Browns Valley, California

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In Northern California, the Browns Valley Irrigation District supplies water to hundreds of farmers. As this water source needs to supply many farmers in Northern California, accurate measurement is key as it ensures that farms are able to properly function and sustain the plants and/or livestock they have. 

Colins Lake ReservoirThe specific source of water that irrigates the fields in the Browns Valley District comes from the Collins Lake reservoir. The water from the Collins Lake reservoir is gravity-fed through a mile-long pipe underneath theTTFM Sensors on Pipe lake that then empties into a canal to the farmers in the valley. Even though there is a source of water for the hundreds of farmers in the area, there was no existing way of accurately knowing how much water was reaching the canal. 

They decided to install a Greyline TTFM 6.1 Transit Time Flow Meter to ensure the most accurate water flow measurement. The TTFM is a clamp-on flow meter for measuring the flow of clean liquids in full pipes, with less than 2% solids or gas bubbles. Even with those mild disturbances, the meter measures within +/-1% of accuracy. As the pipe diameter is so large, the TTFM was ideal as there are transducers available to fit various pipe sizes, from 0.5 in (15 mm) to 48 in (1,200 mm), depending on the pipe dimensions. The meter is also easy to maintain as there are no moving parts and no drift in how well the meter will perform over time. 

Sales Manager for the Americas Shaun Minton had this to say about the installation, “In my 20 years in the environmental equipment business, I have never been under tougher working conditions. Having to string a long cable from the surface of the control room through the tunnel and then working in almost complete darkness was quite an experience. However, when the end result was a happy customer, I was happy to have had the opportunity.”

Installing an accurate flow meter posed its challenges in this application, but the TTFM 6.1 was up to the task and is making sure that the local farmers of Browns Valley have the water supply they need to continue to operate.  

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