Tommy and Daisy prove their reliability at a Paper Mill in the Midlands

November 17, 2020 | Product & Technical Updates,Blog

Tommy and the gang have been out and about causing trouble again this week!

Tommy has been out with Marc Richards again, but this time at a paper manufacturer in The Midlands. The customer was looking to obtain flow readings on a part of the process that had water flowing through pipes that contained particles of paper that were then recycled and put back into the process.

DFM Pipe Application

As Marc already knew that this measurement substance was dirty and contained a high level of paper particles, it was clear that this was not a job for Tommy. Freddie the FlowPulse was tried first by the customer, yet he didn’t get the desired result. Not to worry though, as Freddie still worked elsewhere on site, so the customer was still happy.

Marc was given the go-ahead to start installing Daisy the DFM, however, he didn’t know what the flow reading should be on this application yet, but the customer did! So, Marc got to work programming in the pipe ID and strapping the sensor to the pipe to retrieve flow readings. 

After a few moments, Daisy the DFM managed to obtain stable and repeatable flow readings at 26 l/s. Marc confirmed these readings with the customer, who said that he was expecting a reading of between 25 to 27 l/s and was very impressed with the result!

The reason why Daisy had so much success on this application is because of the doppler technology she uses.Doppler technology transmits continuous high-frequency sound through the pipe wall into the flowing liquid. The sound is then reflected to the sensor from particles or bubbles that are flowing through the liquid.The reflected sound will return at an altered frequency and Daisy the DFM continuously monitors this frequency shift to accurately measure velocity within the pipe.

Daisy proved very successful on this application and the customer has requested more information from Marc.

But, all was not over as Marc was then asked to conduct some readings elsewhere on the site. This time the material was a lot denser than the liquid he was previously measuring. This substance was a part of the process where the slurry was being pumped to another part of the process where the paper is dried and pressed, and the final product then comes out on HUGE blue rolls!

The material was a lot thicker than the previous water that Marc and Daisy were measuring, however, because again there are obvious particles in this substance – it was Daisy’s time to shine again!Paper Mill Slurry

The good news is that she also managed to obtain repeatable and reliable readings on the denser slurry and the customer was extremely happy with her performance!

A successful day was had by all, and it makes a change from our normal wastewater applications! A brilliant performance from Daisy the DFM left the customer so happy and impressed with the readings, that they purchased and installed Daisy the DFM for their site to monitor flow.

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