Tommy the Traveling TTFM and Friends prove successful on a borehole site in Gloucestershire

Tommy the TTFM on a pipe
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November 10, 2020 | Product & Technical Updates,Case Studies,Blog

Tommy the TTFM and his friends have been out causing mischief again with Marc Richards over the last couple of weeks.

At a borehole site in Gloucestershire, it was required to monitor the flow from a 225 mm MDPE pipe measuring the flow from a borehole. Unfortunately, after some trials and tribulations, Tommy was unsuccessful on this application – so he gave it up and let his friend Daisy the DFM have a go. Unfortunately, she did not have any luck either.

It was decided that the pipe perhaps wasn’t suitable for the pair. After a short while, and some adjustments from Marc in regard to sensor placement and parameter settings, it was agreed they would try a different pipe.

Pipe number 2As a result, a different pipe was uncovered, this time it was 180 mm OD MDPE, and Tommy was the first to try again. The average flow in this pipe was thought to be around 11.7 l/s. However, it just was not Tommy’s day and he failed to acquire the flow rate.  However, Marc still had Daisy the DFM as a backup!

Marc decided to set Daisy the DFM up, which was simple and easy to do as the sensor just needs to be strapped to the outside of a pipe to see if she could receive anything.

SUCCESS! Daisy did manage to get some flow readings, and the valve within the process was opened and closed, reducing, and increasing the flow rate to see if Daisy could reflect this in her readings. Unfortunately, when the flow reached around 8 l/s Daisy’s reading fell to 0 – Marc thought this was not due to Daisy measuring the flow, but more so that the pipe was not full enough.

However, they managed to get the stable reading back again when the valve was opened and Daisy was reading a strong 11.4 l/s the site technicians confirmed this was a good reading by monitoring the flow elsewhere on the process.

DFM readings

After some trial and error, lots of hole digging and pipe searching, Daisy the DFM proved successful this time. Overall, the customer was pleased and impressed with the technical knowledge of Marc Richards, Test and Technical Support Engineer, and is considering investing in a portable version of Daisy to help test flow conditions on various sites.

Overall, another successful application for Tommy and his friends. 

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