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Pulsar Briefcase Dance
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June 03, 2021 | Product & Technical Updates

Learn how to do the Briefcase Dance with Jeff and Adrian

In our second video in our How-To series, Pulsar Regional Sales Managers Jeff Cassells and Adrian Dalby demonstrate just how our unique and powerful DATEM Echo Processing Software is used in a typical wastewater setting.

Often, when it comes to wastewater treatment pump stations, getting accurate and reliable level measurement is difficult because of various obstructions in the well like chains, ladders, pump heads, and uneven walls. All these obstructions impede the measurement path of the transducer and usually produce false echoes which could cause inaccurate and unpredictable level measurement readings.

In our latest video, Jeff and Adrian demonstrate how Pulsar Measurement’s proprietary DATEM echo processing algorithms work to discriminate against these false echoes and focus on the true echo, giving accurate and reliable results in the most challenging applications. In the latest version of Pulsar Measurement’s “briefcase dance”, Jeff simulates a wet well using briefcases as obstructions, and you can see the echo profile moving and changing as the ‘water’ (another briefcase) rises and falls. DATEM automatically adapts to which echo is the true target, masking out false echoes from obstructions.

In some new installations, the Pulsar controller needs assistance determining which echo is the true target, so Adrian also demonstrates how to run the P21 parameter, which sets the distance to the true target so that DATEM can properly ignore false echoes.

Thanks to this unique DATEM software, Pulsar Measurement has been able to become world leaders in ultrasonic technology for continuous level measurement and control. As a result, our products are known worldwide for their accuracy and their reliability.

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