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Pulsar dbi Profibus Ultrasonic Transducer
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April 20, 2021 | Ask the Expert

Rob Davis, Regional Sales Manager North East USA

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Expert Background

Name: Rob Davis
Job Title: Regional Sales Manager
Experience: 6 years

What is your favorite Pulsar Measurement product and why?

The dBi loop-powered transducer is my favorite choice for level instrumentation. Most dBi applications are plug-and-play. Scale the output to the customer’s PLC and watch it work.

What do you think the most valuable feature is on the dBi transducer?

Drag and drop DATEM is the cat’s meow. Where other’s sensors would fail, drag-and-drop DATEM allows for precise mapping of false echoes and obstructions, keeping the focus on the dynamic level.

What do you think are the best benefits after a dBi is installed?

You have the ability to take a snapshot of the application on PC suite (live view) and dBi’s work where other’s radar and ultrasonic sensors fail. Having the ability to automatically adapt to a changing application environment is the key to success.

Are there any hidden capabilities on the dBi that you think people miss or don’t take advantage of?

The low power consumption and short wake-up time to take a measurement. Power consumption is now a top priority for everyone, especially when we are using battery or solar. Because the wakeup time is less than 4 seconds on a warm boot, you can choose your sampling time intervals and maximize the power provided to the sensor.

Do you have any tips or tricks for the customers to get the most out of their Pulsar Loop-powered dBi sensors?

Take advantage of the easy optimization capabilities with PC Suite when using dBi’s and have confidence that the dynamic level will be metered.

Do you have any funny stories of a Loop-powered dBi transducer being installed?

Yes, we have a customer in Southern New Jersey that tried just about every type of sensor on the market (Radar and Ultrasonic) on their lift stations for level metering. Our reps and partners offered the municipality a dBi trial for their most challenging lift station that failed every winter. During the start-up, everyone at the lift station said no way this one works when the temperature drops below freezing. Guess what, they now have dBi’s on their worst lift stations that failed every winter. Loop-powered dBi’s work where others fail!

How can the dBi help customers outside of the Water Industry?

Most industrial applications are run or monitored by a PLC. Use the loop-powered dBi to connect into your customer’s system for level or volume metering with very little, if any, process interruption.

What special features does the dBi have that customers won’t find anywhere else?

DATEM (Digital Adaptive Tracking of Echo Movement) with one parameter (P21) and drag-and-drop DATEM with point placement for fine-tuning. Turn a shotgun into a rifle and stay focused on the dynamic level.

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