Non-contacting pipe flow measurement on a dredging pipe

DFM proves accurate and reliable for dredging industry vessel

June 14, 2022

DFM 6.1 Doppler Flow Meter provides accurate data for control systems on a UK dredging vessel.

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PDFM unit and sensor mounted on a pipe

Flow Measurement for sand quarry

June 13, 2022

PDFM 5.1 proves it's accuracy and reliablity at 6 different pipe locations at a sand production quarry in the UK. 

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TTFM installation on a panel

Two Technologies One Site

June 10, 2022

Pulsar Measurement provide a wastewater treatment site with accurate and reliable flow solutions using both Transit-Time and Doppler technology. 

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PTFM 6.1

PTFM 6.1 accurately measures flow where other meters failed

May 10, 2022

At an aquarium in Georgia, they were in need of a flow measurement solution to determine any flow leaks or an open valve downstream. 

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AVFM 6.1 unit mounted at the side of the prawn farm

Flow Measurement for Prawn Farm

April 29, 2022

AVFM 6.1 Area-Velocity Flow Meter provides flow measurement for prawn farming project at Chaoren Pokphand Foods PCL. 

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Image of controllers at wastewater treatment plant

Open channel flow for Water Reclamation Plant

April 28, 2022

MicroFlow, dBMACH3 & FlowCERT provide accurate open channel flow monitoring for final effluent at Jurong's Water Reclamation Center. 

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PTFM 6.1 Portable Transit-Time Flow Meter

PTFM 6.1 successfully reads flow on a Ductile Iron pipe

April 28, 2022

Pulsar Measurement's municipal representative in Virigina, FLOMEC Inc., help a wastewater treatment plant find a flow measurement solution to accurately measurement flow on a ductile iron pipe. 

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Flow Measurement in Food & Beverage

Flow Measurement in Food & Beverage

April 27, 2022

TTFM 6.1 units provide accurate and reliable flow measurement for food and beverage manufacturer in Thailand. 

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MicroFlow Surface Velocity Sensor Monitoring Velocity

Flow Measurement for UV Channel

April 12, 2022

Engineers at a sewage treatment works were having issues with low flow velocity of 0.05-0.1 m/s in their UV channel and needed a new solution. 

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AVFM 6.1 Electronics Enclosure Mounted on a Viewing Board

Outlet Pipe Measurement Success with the AVFM 6.1

April 11, 2022

In the UK, it is crucial for wastewater sites to know how much treated wastewater is going through their outlet pipes and back into the local water source to be able to comply with local permits and prevent prosecution for over-pumping or spills. Pulsar Measurement was approached by a key player in the environmental sector who was struggling to find a solution to identify the amount of treated wastewater flowing through the outflow section of the site.

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Tank level measurement

Effective Level Measurement for Hydrochloric Acid and Sodium Hydroxide

April 07, 2022

A steel sheet factory in Thailand was having trouble getting accurate and reliable level measurements for their Hydrochloric Acid and Sodium Hydroxide tanks. The Pulsar Measurement dB10 Ultrasonic Transducer proves itself a success! 

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Oil waste bin

Non-contacting level measurement for oil waste bins

April 05, 2022

dB10 ultrasonic level sensor provides accurate and reliable level measurement for oil waste bins at a steel factory.

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