Daisy the DFM measuring post-filtrated effluent

Tommy the TTFM, along with Daisy the DFM, measure effluent

December 16, 2020

Tommy has been out and about again over recent weeks – getting as many applications in as he can before we all break for the Christmas period.

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Pulsar Logo

Brexit Statement

December 04, 2020

As the end of the transition period approaches Pulsar Measurement has been carrying out a review of its activity to ensure that we are as well prepared as we can be for the new trading arrangements with the EU and Northern Ireland.

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Latest COVID19 Developments. A statement from Pulsar Measurement

November 25, 2020

A business update on COVID19 and it's impact on the business and it's employees. 

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DFM Slurry Readings

Tommy and Daisy prove their reliability at a Paper Mill in the Midlands

November 17, 2020

This week it was time for Tommy the TTFM to have break and let his friend Daisy the DFM take over. She produced accurate and reliable flow readings at a Paper Mill Plant in The Midlands, leaving the end user impressed and pleased with her performance! 

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Tommy the TTFM on a pipe

Tommy the Traveling TTFM and Friends prove successful on a borehole site in Gloucestershire

November 10, 2020

Tommy the TTFM and his friends were on a borehole site in Gloucestershire, some trial and error proved Daisy the DFM succesful. 

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Olive oil production

Tommy the Traveling TTFM Proves His Reliability at an Olive Oil Production Plant

October 23, 2020

Toomy the TTFM proves himself on both clean and dirty water applications at a Olive Oil manufacturing plant in Middlesex. 

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sewer network monitoring

Event Duration Measurement in Combined Sewer Overflow Applications Becoming a Significant Focus

September 19, 2020

Event Duration Measurement (EDM) in Combined Sewer Overflow (CSO) applications has, rightly, become a significant focus for our water operators

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center parcs woburn forest

Pulsar's Non-contacting Measurement and Control Suits Center Parcs

September 19, 2020

Pulsar Process Measurement has supplied a range of non-contacting instruments to monitor and control dosing plant and a pumping station to Center Parcs Woburn Forest in Bedfordshire and also measure open channel flow of influent, adding to the equipment supplied when this park opened in 2014. 

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Properties prone to flooding, prompts the up-sizing and sewer network improvements from Severn Trent

September 16, 2020

15 properties in Kirk Hallam, Derbyshire prone to flooding, prompts the up-sizing and general sewer network improvements from Severn Trent Water.

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tank and control panels at chemical production plant

Pulsar Distributor Successfully Installs Process Control at Chemical Production Plant

September 16, 2020

Pulsar's Distributor for Australia successfully designs and constructs a system for neutralizing and storing waste.

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COVID19 Logo

Pulsar Measurement - Latest COVID-19 Developments

September 16, 2020

Pulsar Measurement continues to monitor the daily COVID-19 development across global sites and networks. 

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Tommy measuring flow through a pipe

Tommy the Traveling TTFM Strikes Again at Food Packaging Manufacturing Plant

September 15, 2020

Tommy was at a food packaging plant where the customer manufactures packaging for the food industry, and the customer wanted to find out how much water was going into the plant and into different processes. The application was the main chilled clean water feed to the plant on a 115mm diameter galvanized mild steel pipe.

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